Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Product Review: Joe Fresh Style Fresh Glass

Right after Ottawa Fashion Week, I entered a contest! Miss-SLY was asking Twitter to answer a trivia question about which Canadian fashion celebrity we thought she might be interviewing. I guessed Jeanne Beker, and guess what you guys? I totally won! I never win stuff! So that was pretty awesome. 

I won a Joe Fresh face palette (review coming soon), and when it came in the mail (which was totally awesome, I love to get mail!) it came with a bonus: Joe Fresh Style Fresh Glass lip gloss in Cosmopolitan!

I am pretty picky about lip glosses. I find most of them to be too thick. But since it was free, why not try it out, right?

Im glad I did!

Its a minty gloss, usually associated with plumping lip glosses. Which Im generally not a fan of, as I find they can be too minty, which hurts my sensitive little lips! But this has just the right amount of mintyness, with a lot of shine and minimal stickiness. Not as low-stick as Rimmels Sweet Jelly lip gloss (which I believe has now been sadly discontinued, although it looks like Royal Glass might be an adequate replacement), but not as super-sticky as MAC Lipglass (which I love the shine of but hate hate hate the texture). It lasts a long time and it looks like this:

Give me a kissssssss!
For the price, I definitely think this is a decent lip gloss and would buy it again. MWAH!


  1. I wonder what the colour palette is like. I prefer lip gloss over lipstick; but I find most have either a pinkish or orange-y tint which look terrible against my skin.

  2. I have the same problem with lip gloss - the colour looking odd - so I tend to stick w/ (don't laugh ;)) Sally Hanson's lip plumping stuff, or Lip Venom. They're colorless.

    I've been intrigued by the Joe Fresh stuff, though, so this was great to read! :)

  3. To Nadine: If you are willing to spend 30 bux on a gloss, brands like Dior and Chanel make good sheer beige glosses.