Friday, November 12, 2010

Lunchtime Lookup

Photo by SweetOnVeg
My mother is visiting this weekend, so I might be a little scarce around the internet. Have no fear that I'll be responding to comments and e-mails again come Monday! In the meantime, a short little roundup of links to keep your Friday entertaining.

Casey's Elegant Musings has this nifty little how-to on making a 1950s-style bow headband.

Musings of an Inappropriate Woman talks about three steps to fabulousness.

Natalie Joy pointed me in the direction of Nerd Boyfriend! I love it! Nerdy boy looks and how to get them!

Isaac Likes J Press for Urban Outfitters—a perfect illustration of an amazing capsule wardrobe for men.

At McSweeney's, Blanche DuBois' American Apparel Photoshoot. Funny!

Super Kawaii Mama talks about developing a unique style—if you're just starting to branch out your wardrobe, this is a must read.

Fashion Tribes Blog with a sneak peek at the Smithsonian's documentary on The History of the Hope Diamond.

Miss-SLY ran some street-style photos from Ottawa Fashion Week, and yours truly was in one! Neat! Katie too! You can click to make them bigger!

We adore you.

Have a fantastic weekend! I adore you, too!

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