Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Commenting Policy

Photo by Mixy Lorenzo
Dear my favourite friends and kittens, and casual readers who I also think are awesome,

As this blog grows in popularity, something is happening. People are actually commenting on what I write. This is a good thing. This is what I want. I encourage dialogue—talk amongst yourselves, I am happy to join in when I can. This is a very exciting time with the growth of the blog and everything, and I’m excited that things are happening.

However, last week I had my first every negative comment on the blog.

Wait, that’s incorrect. I’ve had comments along the lines of, “You’re wrong and this is why,” but those I have no problem with. I don’t actually see those as negative comments on the blog in the least. It’s part of having an open dialogue with my readers—I want to know when I’ve messed up.

This comment was not like that. This was a personal attack, sent from a familiar IP address. I won’t get into the details of what it said (although I did reference it on Twitter the day it happened), because it’s not important.

It’s important for me to remember that when I am being criticised for just doing what I do, it’s actually not about me. People are cruel for all kinds of reasons, and it’s not up to me to figure out why they decide to take that anger out on me. They just do, and I hope they figure out a way to do it better, because that sure isn’t a positive way to live your life.

So, sadly, it's time for Miss Jes to lay the hammer down. Negative, personal, hurtful comments will not be tolerated. I screen comments for a reason. Personal attacks attempted to be posted on the blog will be deleted, marked as spam, and IPs will be blocked.

I am working very hard to keep this blog and all online presence as a positive space. Of course I have issues–everyone does. Everyone in the whole entire world. But I don’t need to play them out online, and I certainly don’t need them played out for me.
I love you all to bits and bits forever!


  1. I don't want to read what jerks have to say anyhow, let alone if they're going to be jerks to intelligent lovely people like Miss Jes.

    You keep blogging, I'll keep reading. Sound good?

  2. @beaty_boop That sounds absolutely wonderful. Thanks for reading! Hearts!

  3. Good for you. I don't understand why anyblogger tolerates personal attacks in their comments section.

  4. Hi Jess, loving the style & layout of your blog! Keep blogging of course, brush off those haters! What is your e-mail, i would like to send you an invitation on the behalf of John & I.


  5. @Brian G. Rice Thanks for the support. It seems ridiculous to me that some people think mean, hurtful comments on someone's blog are useful. I suppose when you've removed someone from your life and they aren't happy about it, commenting on their blog (anonymously is always bravest) may seem to be the last bastion of possible communication.

    @Marcia B. You're fantastic! Thanks for the sweet words! The style and layout make me think of a candy shop! I'll be doing a redesign soon (moving to another platform), but I'm going to try to maintain the same aesthetic as much as possible.