Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nina Garcia's One Hundred: #2 Animal Print

All photos, Andrew Alexander Photography.
I have loved animal print since I was a kid. It was the eighties. My mother was horrified. But man, did I ever want leopard-print everything.

In high school I had a leopard-print belt and headband. I wore them with a black turtleneck and tight black jeans (what would now be referred to as "skinnies"), and I thought I was the chicest thing in the school.

I have to admit, most of what I own in the way of animal print is in the leopard variety; it's my favourite skin pattern (followed closely by zebra).

Oh dear. Those shoes are too big. It's hard to be a stylist for yourself!
Hooray to Nina Garcia for acknowledging that animal print is chic (of course, only in the colours that nature intended and only in small doses)! Now I can prove it to my mother!

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