Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bonus Round: Salt Water Taffy!

On the first night of Ottawa Fashion Week, my assistant Katie and I realised that the canapes that the organisers had sprung for were not going to cut it for us, hunger-wise. (This was due to the the fact that there were so few of them that the poor servers were literally being chased by ravenous fashion show attendees.)

We decided we would bring snacks with us the rest of the week. The next day, Katie and I compared what was in our bags—The Boy had packed me carrot sticks, mixed nuts and water, while Katie's bag was full of... Candy. To be more precise, apple drops, lemon slices and Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy.

Katie is my sugar pusher. She's the manager of The Candy Store in Westboro, and my girl knows her treats. The Candy Store is one of my favourite shops in Ottawa, unlike the hustle of Sugar Mountain, The Candy Store is calming and relaxing, and I know that my candy is curated by some very knowledgeable staff. In fact, Katie wrote about the taffy here.

Anyway, about the salt water taffy...

She brought two flavours with her, grape and key lime. Oh my gosh. Transcendent. The taffy is the right amount of sticky, a whole lot of sweet, and the key lime flavour? Amazing. I'm not a huge fan of grape-flavoured things, but the grape taffy was slightly flowery-tasting and quite nice as well.

Get yourself to The Candy Store. They also sometimes have cupcakes and macarons. And if you're planning an event, they can cater a candy buffet holy wow oh my gosh I want a party where I have a candy buffet. What more could you possibly ask for?

The Candy Store is located at 350 Richmond Road, between Lululemon and MEC. Thank goodness it's not on my way home from work.


  1. LOVE saltwater taffy! And it is so hard to find homemade candy....i usually end up just buying the hard, stale ones from bulk barn....westboro, here I come!

  2. @Ashley If you're a fan of it, definitely check it out there! The flavours are amazing and it is so fresh.