Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Donate to Your Sweet Bippy!

Photo by Ken Teegarten.
Hi lovely!

I don't make it a common practice to ask for money. Not even to my parents when times were desperate in my 20s. So I want to be clear that I'm not asking for money now.

People have expectations that the internet should be all free, all the time. Writers shouldn't be paid for their work, right? All photos should be public domain? That's unfortunate.

I'm gearing up to launch my own website, and I'll soon be saying bye bye to Blogger. It's been fun, but it's time to move on up in the world. However, running a website costs money, and while I'd do this for free if I could, it would be really swell to have some extra coin once in a while to help defray the costs involved.

So I'm putting it out there. If you like what you see, and you want to keep it going, feel free to make a donation. The donate button is in the sidebar, just over there to your right.

If you don't feel like it, well, I'm not going to hold it against you. I'm certainly not going to make you stop reading. I don't want you to feel guilty; I just want to provide the opportunity for you to donate, should you feel like it.

Having said that, I'll leave it there. Love and love and love!


  1. It's a great site, and should be updated more often. I hope others will donate too. We need more enthusiasm in this sometimes grey and aloof city.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Anonymous Person!

  3. You are most welcome. I donated and encouraged others to do so; I think your "Style Rules for Boys" article, among others, is a must-read.

  4. You seem like a pretty crafty person, so what do you think about possibly setting a threshold donation amount above which you send your fans something like a button or magnet (or something) that you've crafted or collected? I don't mean it in the sense of an obligation on your part, because you already warrant the support of your readers, but maybe as a further incentive to those thinking about donating - to get them to add an extra 0 or something. Perhaps you could take it further and offer cute Your Sweet Bippy t-shirts with a hand-designed logo. Anyway, food for thought. Good luck with it all.