Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nina Garcia's One Hundred: #96 Wellington Boot

I'm slowly trekking towards owning everything in Nina Garcia's book The One Hundred, or at least everything in there that works for me. My newest and most happifying* acquisition is my new pair of wellies.

First, some background information on my history with rubber boots. I love rubber boots. I love wearing them, I love looking at them, I think they are some of the cutest footwear a gal can own. And they are important in climates where it sometimes rains! Or where it rains a lot! There is something very satisfying about sloshing through particularly deep puddles on one's way somewhere knowing that one's feet are staying warm and dry.

However, I have a problem with the standard pull-on rubber boot. You see, due to a rare, hereditary muscle disease called Thomsen's, my calves are quite large around. Pull-on rubber boots never fit me. They always scrunch up in a weird way before they go all the way up.

I was bemoaning this to The Boy in the summer, when he mentioned Ilse Jacobsen's boots. He told me that they sold them at Vanilla on Elgin Street between Cooper and Somerset (I'm sorry, but they don't have a website). And he told me that rather than pull on, they laced up.

Well, being the frugal girl that I am, I couldn't very well justify going out to buy a new pair of rubber boots right away, as my pink boots from Zeller's were still doing the job just fine. But once they started to leak last month, and I mentioned it to The Boy, he promised me a trip down to Vanilla as soon as we got the chance.

The day before we went, I called to make sure they had them in my size. They had one pair of the white ones left (the colour I was craving), and lo and behold! It was in my size.

We went to Vanilla, I slipped my feet inside, and I fell in love.

They fit a dream. They went over my jeans. They were woolly and warm inside and felt just like a hug.

ON MY FEET. Best hug ever.

The boots are made with natural rubber in Hornbaek, Denmark, by hand. They are a quality boot. With warm socks, their heavy tread should be able to get me through most of the winter.

Have I mentioned that I love these boots? (Also: love The Boy for the present.)

*Yes, I know "happifying" isn't a word, but I made it up because of how much I love these boots.

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