Monday, November 22, 2010

In Which Jes Learns To Give Up Some Control

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Texture Hair Salon has come on board as one of my blog sponsors. Last week I had the opportunity to go in and have my colour done by the lovely Sam. My cut was handled by the insanely talented Ramsey.

When Ramsey, Sam and I were first talking about my hair, I gave them carte blanche to do whatever they wanted to with the colour. But, as I had been growing my hair out for two years, I really didn’t want to touch the length. I was happy having long hair. I could pull it back. Which I did, most days. When I wore it down I was often frustrated with the texture, it just seemed somehow poofy at the bottom, and I did not love that at all. But I had been growing it for so long! I didn’t want to touch it!

Anyway, I went in for my appointment, and Sam started in on my colour. We decided the bangs were going to be Rhianna red, whilst touching up the black everywhere else. As she was lifting the black out of my bangs, and I got an look at the contrast between them and the rest of my hair, and thought a bit about the shape of where my hair currently was, I made a big decision.

I called Ramsey over.

“Cut it off. I’m over long hair.”

“Yes, you are. Good.”

After the colour was done*, I tripped over to Ramsey’s chair (not my fault, they kept feeding me wine!). We started to discuss the cut, and I told him what I like: blunt lines, asymmetry, sophistication. Since he had just returned from Paris where he had taken some Vidal Sassoon courses, we decided on a very steeply angled bob.

He stood behind me. He raised his scissors. I winced.

A large chunk of hair fell to the floor. “Well, that’s that then.” I couldn’t change my mind if I had wanted to at that point.

Finished hair! Photo by Ren West.
I am so glad I let him do what he wanted! I am so pleased with my new cut! It takes no time at all to blow-dry, it falls beautifully, it’s bouncy, it’s got a certain Ramona Flowers quality to it, judging by the amount of men who have been hitting on my since I had it done. My life is so hard, I know!

Thank you so much, Sam and Ramsey! I can’t wait to come back and do more experiments in cut and colour with you! If you need a cut or colour, I can highly recommend them.

Having said that, please note that while Texture Hair Salon is a blog sponsor, I wouldn’t have them here if I didn’t believe in what they do.

*Usually removing box dye takes very strong bleach to lift the colour out of my hair, and when I’ve had to do it in the past I’ve left the salon with my head feeling tender and burnt, but I was most impressed with whatever they used on my head to avoid my feeling like that.


  1. Your hair looks AMAZING! Unique, sophisticated and so very, very you. And, of course you've co-ordinated your shoulder straps with you're awesome new 'do.


  2. @nadinethornhill Thank you so much! I am very pleased with it!

    The shoulder strap thing actually WAS a coincidence!