Monday, November 29, 2010

Product Ballet: Hair Masques - Kérastase vs. L'Oréal Professionnel

Kérastase Nutritive Nutridéfense Anti-Dryness Nutri-Protective Treatment for Dry and Sensitised Hair
L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Absolut Repair Neofibrine Repairing Masque for Very Damaged Hair

During Ottawa Fashion Week, I was given samples of both of the above products. Since I had been wanting to try the Kérastase for a long time, I thought I'd give it a whirl first.

So, I started using it. I thought it would help my very dry and damaged hair. (I’m rough on my hair. Too much colour and too much heat styling.)

After a few applications… Not much difference. Not only that, my hair actually felt not as soft as when I was just using my regular Baléa conditioner. I mean, it wasn’t horrible or anything, but it definitely wasn’t anything super-special. I figured I’d use the product up (I’m cheap like that), but kind of couldn’t wait for it to be gone.

Once I used that up, it was on to the L’Oréal Professionnel masque.


Here is why I like it more:
1. It smells deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelish, like a boy I used to kiss in high school.
2. It’s thick and rich.
3. It makes my hair super-soft.
4. My best friend Jaime told me my hair looked really good the first time I used it. SHE NEVER TELLS ME MY HAIR LOOKS GOOD. NEVER.

Both products are used in the same way (“apply a small amount to towel-dried hair, leave on for a few minutes, rinse out”), but where the real difference lies is in the price.

When I decided I wanted to do a review of these products, I took some time to look up the price of them on various websites. They seemed to run about the same price – both around the $50.00 mark. But when I broke it down to the price per ounce, this is what I found:

Kérastase: $8.21/ounce
L’Oréal: $2.59/ounce

You guys! That means the L’Oréal stuff (which works better) is ONE THIRD the price of the Kérastase!

The weird thing is that they are both made by the same company. They are essentially the same product, designed to deep-treat damaged hair.

Higher prices do not mean better product! Aren’t you glad I researched this for you?!

If you have dry, damaged hair, or if your hair is in need of a little love this winter, RUN DO NOT WALK to buy L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Absolut Repair Neofibrine Repairing Masque for Very Damaged Hair!!!

I tell you this because I love you!

Exclamation points!


  1. Ooh! Thanks for the review and doing the trial and error testing so we don't have to.
    I've tried out a L'Oréal overnight treatment and it seemed to do what it claimed, though it's harder to assess hair strength than softness. I'll definitely try out the masque.

  2. I wish there was a punctuation mark that symbolized complete agreement! Ok, the equal sign does exist, but that's not the point...and doesn't work here! The L'Oreal makes me want to touch my hair ALL THE TIME. Senor. I was dreading running out since I didn't want to splurge so I'm super thankful you did the math! That's some savings I can soak in! har har.

  3. Where did you buy the L'Oreal product? I can't find it at PharmaPlus or Shoppers Drug Mart.

  4. Ah! I love real reviews! I go through so much trial and error with products myself, so its nice to read an honest to goodness review of a product.

    Nice post!


  5. Miriam - They are available at The Loft at 380 Elgin (@ Gladstone), and Le Spa, which is 429 MacLaren (between Bank & Kent). These are the salons that furnished the samples used for this review. (As well as doing all the hair for Ottawa Fashion Week)

    You can also order them online, I think there is 20% off or something going on right now: