Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ottawa Fashion Week in Photos: Days One and Two

Backstage at Ottawa Fashion Week.
During Ottawa Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to meet photographer André Bergeron. I noticed him at first because, well, let's be honest, I thought he was handsome in that "I'm a rugged photographer with an unshaven face" kind of way. And yes, I think that's a very attractive look for a man.

Anyway, of course I was visually keeping tabs on him throughout the weekend, and I noticed that unlike most of the photographers who stayed pretty close to the end of the runway, he was moving around and getting shots from all over the place. So I thought, "Maybe he might like to contribute some photos to my blog!" I introduced myself, gave him my card, and on Monday he e-mailed me saying photos were ready for my blog if I wanted some!

And I was so pleased! They are so great! Thank you so much, André!

Emilia Torabi. These pants had a great black ankle band.
I would like them, yes please.

Lovely menswear detailing at Trive by Modasuite.

Sustainable fabrics at Nixxi.

An amazing pearl scarf at MICALLA.

Lovely draping at Elroy Apparel.

Summer casual at LABEL Clothing.

If I were a high-up in the government I would
only ever wear Andrew Majtenyi's clothing.

Eee hats! At Jana Hanzel. SO PRETTY.
All photos copyright André Bergeron. Thanks a million!


  1. I sooo agree about Andrew Majtenyi's line!! Super chic!

  2. @katie I know right? So beautiful. I wish I could buy everything!