Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Remembrance Day

I don't wear a poppy. I don't wear red on Fridays.

I get a lot of criticism for those two things.

I understand the point. I support our troops in that I want them to be able to come home safely to their families. I respect and appreciate everything our veterans did in the wars that proceeded my life.

I am thankful and grateful that I get to live my life in the way I choose because of their sacrifices. There is military blood in my veins.

However, I do not want anything I do or say to be misconstrued as supporting our current government's missions overseas, particularly in Afghanistan. I think our government has made a severe error in judgement and continues to do so the longer this mission continues.

Thank you, veterans. Thank you for the choices you made. I am glad you came home safely. I can't imagine the pain you've seen.

Thank you, Canadian Armed Forces, for what you do. Thank you for the choice you make. Please come home safely. I wish you painless days until you can be back with your loved ones.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. I'm with you on that. Symbols with ambiguous meanings are tricky at best, and my feelings about Remembrance Day are more complex than what can be encapsulated in a fuzzy plastic flower. Not least because of the social pressure to be seen to be wearing one.

  2. @Fiona Very well put. The ambiguity of the symbol is what puts me off of it in the first place, and the social pressure to wear one is very frustrating.

    @Ashley Thank you. It was a little bit stressful to put it out there.