Friday, June 25, 2010

Lunchtime Lookup: Weekly Link Roundup

Of course, I've been at the Ottawa Fringe all week.

And I've been pimping Fully Fringed.

I've met some people from the Centrepoint Players.

I've met and blogged about someone from Australia.

I've had a lot of wine with a cabaret singer and her pianist.

But enough about me. There's lots more going on.

Jezebel points out that Target is selling a facist T-shirt. And then lets us know that Target pulled the shirt. To clear the taste of that debacle out of our mouths, they let us know when Justin Timberlake does it right.

Alix at The Cherry Blossom Girl made these sweet little movies.

Sherry on the Daintytime blog makes some beautiful mending.

Style Rookie Tavi (who knows way more about fashion than I do) does a great resort collection roundup.

Julien Macdonald tells Wales Online that there's no room for plus sizes in fashion.

Hint is rumour-mongering that Nicola Formichetti (of Haus of Gaga noteriety, as well as Vogue Hommes Japan fashion director) might be stepping in at Thierry Mugler.

The Independent tells us about a covetable English vintage festival with style. They also bring us this slide show from Sao Paulo Fashion Week (note: possibly NSFW, nip content).

CRAFT Magazine points out just how much of an environmental impact one pair of jeans has. And it's things like this that make me wish I had babies.

Go Fug Yourself do a little roundup of three Katy Perry outfits. (I have to say, you guys, I'm mostly with them on all of these. Except I like the last one the best.)

Audrey Hepburn Complex always posts amazing photographs. Really.

Ecouterre shows us jewelry by Tine De Ruyesser made out of money.

I need a nap and to do laundry. Fringing will continue for the next couple of days. So many roundups. I'm going to be there full-force with my camera this weekend, so if you're coming I hope you step up your game!


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