Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fashion of the Fringe: A Super-cute Necklace!

On the pre-opening night of the Fringe Festival (yeah, I get invited to VIP parties), it was pouring rain. Absolutely pouring. So the masses of actors, producers, directors and other various hangers-on (me and Andrew included in that) were huddled under the tent, drinking their way through free drink tickets, dancing to a ragtime band, socializing and generally having a grand old pre-opening the Fringe party.

Due to the rain, not a lot of people busted out their fineries and fripperies (although there is much, much more to come on that note), I did spot this great necklace. It belongs to Crystal Quarrington, and she got it at Ardene, of all places! Who says you can't find cute stuff at the mall? (I mean, besides me, of course...)

There's lots more to come, fashion-blogging wise and more, from the Fringe. I've got thoughts on costumes. I've taken pictures of people at parties. Unfortunately all these parties have left me very little time to write. (I am, at the moment, sucking up the Fringe bandwidth writing this from the beer tent/courtyard.)

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