Friday, June 25, 2010

Fashion of the Fringe: Bob Wiseman

This is Bob. Bob used to be in a little Canadian band known as Blue Rodeo. Bob is very cute. Bob dresses like an adorable person. I love to see him around the Fringe to see what he’s wearing.

Bob’s show, ACTIONABLE, is a blend of songs, words and PowerPoint presentations reflecting on litigious situations Bob has landed in since embarking on his solo career in 1991. Often funny, sometimes poignant, this show is a must-see for any musician.

I wasn’t familiar with Bob’s solo work before seeing his show, and afterwards I immediately emailed Dave Tough, the pianist for my band (The Inbetweenies), to tell him how much his songs reminded me of Bob’s. He sent me the following response:

Bob Wiseman was a huge influence/idol of mine about 20 years ago when his first solo stuff appeared, so I'm unsurprised and pleased at the comparison. I opened for him in the fall at the Black Sheep.”

So I have only one degree of separation, musically, from Bob Wiseman! Cool!

Anyway, about his outfit… It could have been clashing, it could have been garish, but it just all worked together so perfectly. The yellow of the shirt was the same intensity of the red of the tie, and both colours were tied together by the plaid in the pants.

ACTIONABLE has three more shows at the Mercury Lounge during the Fringe Festival, tonight at 7:15, Saturday afternoon at 1:00 and Sunday afternoon at 2:45. It’s $10.00 at the door, plus your Fringe button. If Fringe isn't really your thing, you can catch Bob at Raw Sugar tonight for a $10.00 c0ver.

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