Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fashion of the Fringe: Amy DiDomenico

At the pre-opening party, I spotted Amy talking to a couple of Ottawa Fringe Festival office staffers who I knew in a very round-about way - but well enough to warrant breaking in on their conversation a little (a lot) in order to compliment Amy on her outfit and ask for her picture for the blog.

She seemed a little flabbergasted that I would want to take her picture, but just look at her! How could I not take her picture? She looks great!

Amy looks the way I imagine all people involved in theatre look all the time.

Amy's show, Breaking Down In America, is playing at The Velvet Room on York Street. You've got one more chance to see it—Friday the 25th at 7:30. It's $10.00 at the door (plus the cost of your Fringe Festival button).

You can see a trailer for the show here and read the Fully Fringed review by Lauryn Kronik here.

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  1. Remi totally spotted her shoes the night we went to see Breaking Down in America. Next time you see her, check them out. It sure doesn't look like she got them in Ottawa!