Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fashion of the Fringe: Erika Morey

Erika is this amazing little spitfire–brilliant, sweet, charming, talented. And if that’s not enough, she’s not even twenty. She’s the stage manager of two shows at this year’s Fringe Festival–Mixing Boal: Kitchen of the Oppressed (which I talked about here) and Deliver’d From Nowhere.

I spotted her in this adorable black dress with lace sleeves at one of the Fringe parties, and had to take her picture!

Deliver’d From Nowhere has six more shows at Janigan Studio in the Ottawa Little Theatre, tonight through Sunday (with two shows on Saturday). Check out the Fringe website for times. $10.00 at the door, plus your Fringe button, of course!




  1. I'm not happy with the white shoes .... red would have popped more, I think.

  2. In fact, I changed my shoes when I got into the tent! My heels kept on digging into the grass, so I threw the spares I had with me ;)