Thursday, June 17, 2010

Go Loco Croquet Tournament Style: Patricia Barr & Jason Bellaire

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the Go Loco Croquet Tournament (as a photographer with Ottawa Tonite), which was put on by the Third Wall Theatre Company at Earnscliffe , the residence of the British High Commissioner to Canada.

There will be a story up on Ottawa Tonite in the very near future about the event (written by my ever-clever and super partner Andrew Snowdon), but I did catch a few excellent fashions while I was there that I wanted to blog about here.

This is Patricia Barr and Jason Bellaire. Patricia is in charge of community relations at Wall Space Gallery (who provided some under-the-tent artwork at the croquet tournament), and Jason is an interior designer with J Squared Design (website currently under construction).

I asked them for a shot for the blog because they both just looked so damn dapper. Jason's hat (which I normally find a pretty terrible affectation) was completely event-appropriate (the British High Commissioner was wearing one very similar in shape), and although he was in jeans they were an excellent fit and not sloppy at all. The vest and rolled-sleeved* dress shirt just completed the look.

Patricia's ensemble was note-perfect as well. Her brown boots were ideal for the soaking ground, and a print dress under boyfriend jacket were exactly the right combination of classic style and nods to current trends.

Additionally, Jason was wearing some socks that I have to mention. Socks aren't usually a huge thing for me, but these were too fantastic to pass up.
I really wish this picture did these socks justice. They were purple and bright yellow. Which could easily look garish, however this socks were most certainly not on display. At Patricia's insistence, he tugged up his cuffs to give me a look. And that's how you do really bright, kind of insane prints, fellas—as linings, socks, those tiny details that are for limited viewing.

Patricia and I chatted a bit about fashion, and she let it slip that she is organizing an event at Wall Space on Wednesday, June 23rd. Socially Savvy Style is a fashion fundraiser for Therapeutic & Educational Living Centres Inc. (TELCI), and will feature a fashion show with clothing from HUSH. Tickets are only $10.00 and are available at Wall Space Gallery, HUSH Clothing or from Starfish Events.

I'll be there with the proverbial bells on—you should come! You never know when the Your Sweet Bippy fashion camera is going to come out for more street style photographs. (It usually depends on how much wine I've had, but whatever.)

*Jujed, as my mother would say.


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