Friday, March 25, 2011

Lunchtime Lookup - March 25th

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography.
It's Friday! Thank goodness! Even though it was a short week for me, the weekend could not have arrived quickly enough!

To help your Friday go by faster, here are a few links with which to waste some time, my pet!

If you know how to sew, Bitter Betty Blogs has a great and simple tutorial on how to make a box pleat skirt for springtime. I'm picturing a whole spring wardrobe of these in the lollipop colours above!

Remember last week when I posted the link to bubblegum vodka? Well, Leethal has a companion recipe for orange cream liquer, which apparently tastes like a creamsicle... Danger!

There is something about this photo from The Sartorialist that really does it for me - I don't think I could pull it off, but it's fun to think about!

How much do I want this Bluetooth glove? So much! Rachel at Instructables shows how it's made.

Once Wed has a DIY to make ombre napkins, but I'd love to use the same technique to dye sweet little summer nothings... Like the cotton slips I talked about in my Anticipating Spring post!

Zoetica Ebb at Biorequiem has a very comprehensive guide to dying your hair bright colours. I'll just direct people here from now on when they ask about my pink hair...

For those of us for whom Zoolander is the ultimate guilty pleasure movie, ("They're break dance fighting!"), Movie Recipes has a recipe for Dirk's Orange Mocha Frappucino... If you dare. *shudder*

An adorable pleated tote tutorial at Thimble - hello my new beach bag!

Have yourself a wonderful weekend, darling! I hearts you!

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