Friday, March 18, 2011

Lunchtime Lookup - March 18th

Photo by Marcelo Trad.
Hello pretty pottets!

It's Friday! It's Ottawa Fashion Week! My brain can't think about anything else!

Here are some things to entertain you on this wonderful day!

Sal at Already Pretty has a great article called Change Your Style, Change Your Life. It spoke to me!

This photo of James Franco by Terry Richardson makes me smile. So does this one of Lady Gaga is amazing.

In the same vein of what I wrote about on Wednesday, Ari at Advanced Style has a story on dressing to impress yourself

Gala Darling has a great little history of Biba.

Oh dear. Bubble gum and spring fruit-infused vodka at Taylor Takes a Taste.

For the flat-chested among you, DIY ribbon suspenders at P.S. I Made This.

Coilhouse: “I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess.”

Whip Up has a how-to on making jewelry from old t-shirts. I would love to make some of these pieces for the summer! 

CRAFT has DIY tassel earrings - although I think I would make these much, much longer!

On Instructables, how-to make a sparkly LED tutu???!!! YES PLEASE. Also, this layered tulle dress!

iHanna made her own 2011 planner. Some great ideas here.
Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies at Amandaeleine. I take no responsibility.

Making living your dream less terrifying, The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss tells us, “Good News! You Don’t Die.”

... love Maegan teaches you how to make your own crystal and grosgrain ribbon necklace. I think I want to make one with pink ribbon for springtime!

Jessica Mullen provides a free downloadable PDF of her Daily Self Love Worksheet - I love this!

I love love love these B-movie purses!

Also, I love this Shrinky Dink bracelet on the Country Living website by Cathe Holden. 

That's it for me! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'll be at the National Gallery all weekend, but if you follow me on Twitter you can read my tweets about fashion week! And I'll have my thoughts posted next week...

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