Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anticipating Spring!

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography.

It's officially springtime! Aren't you excited!?

Even though  there's still some snow on the ground, it's not too early to start thinking about summer, and how you can prepare for it! Here are some ideas I've had of things I'd like to get done over the next month or so...

Try a new fitness regime, something that you love and that is fun for you. Apartment613 had an article on staying in shape in strange and wonderful ways, and it  made me really want to do some trampolining and to break out my dusty hoola hoop!

Start planning your summer travel. I may be going to St. John's this summer, and if that's the case I need to start really looking at flights and the like!

Get new bedding and pyjamas. There is something so great about crisp sheets in the summer. I really want a set of yellow cotton sheets and a sweet little Betsey Johnson nightgown.

Clean out your closet and plan your sartorial direction for spring and summer - be sure to include lots of colour!

Find a new summer scent - I am currently coveting Love By Kilian, Cara by Farmacia S.S. Annunziata dal 1561, and Mon Parfum by M. Micallef, because I want to smell like cake and all three have strong vanilla and caramel notes to them!

Change up your skincare routine - what your skin needs in the winter is not the same thing that it needs in the summer months! Lighten up on the moisturizer, and maybe find a cleanser that battles the greasies a bit more.

Since you won't have to wear hats for much longer, find little trinkets you can pin in your hair!

Choose a summer anthem - mine is totally "Got to Lose" by Hollerado...

It's just so great and anthemic! 

Make a new friend who wants to go for bike rides to the beach with you - I made friends with a girl at work named Laura who is super-fun and loves both the beach and bike rides! We have big plans, I tell you.

Make sure your camera is in good working order, and make sure that it's portable!

Pick up some summer beach reading - I'm going to look for Archie comics at the thrift store!

Plan out what delicious veggie-heavy recipes you're going to try, or better yet contemplate a raw vegan diet for the summer! There's no better time than the summer when everything is fresh and delightful! I know that when I'm eating all vegan that I feel great, and eating raw food gives me such energy!

Drink lemonade with bourbon - this was named my official summer drink of 2009, and I still love it! I can't wait to start sipping it again!

Get new sunglasses - it's fun to try a new look for the summer.

Replace your flipflops with real shoes - with all the great spring and summer shoes coming out, there's no excuse to be wearing something that are barely shoes at all.

Speaking of foot-baring, get a pedicure. Get rid of all that scaly winter nastiness from your tootsies!

Pick up the pace when you walk and take the stairs when you can - your legs and bum will get all toned up for short skirts and bikinis!

Find some second-hand cotton slips, dye them and embellish them to wear over tank tops this summer as dresses - I am totally picturing this worn with short cowboy boots and a great satchel, and in my head it looks adorable.

Make sure your air conditioner is in working order! Now's the time to make sure!

Put some baby wipes and a spray bottle of distilled water with a couple of drops of geranium oil in it in your fridge, along with aloe vera gel or spray. You'll thank me when you can spritz and wipe yourself down with nice cool cosmetics in the heat of summer!
What about you? What are some things that you do to get ready for the change of season?

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  1. I think I'm into combining the lemonade bourban with the slips. Sounds like summer to me!