Monday, May 30, 2011

On Enthusiasm

Photo by EpicFireworks.
Yesterday morning, I was out for breakfast with a gentleman friend. As we were eating and watching the half-marathon trot by along Wellington Street, I noticed a really cool-looking couple sitting across the diner from us. I won't get into the specifics about what they were wearing or how they looked, because that's not important, but I got a sense from looking at them that they were the kind of people I would want to be friends with.

However, and here's the kicker, whenever I see people who I think look “cool” (read: cooler than me), I get all panicky and scared and insecure that I'm not cool enough to be friends with them, no matter how much I might want to be!

I said as much to my breakfast companion, and as he watched them leave the restaurant, he said, “Hmm... I wouldn't want to be friends with them. Look at that cultivated air of cool aloofness. That seems like way too much work. And it seems boring.”

We got to talking about the whole cool-aloof-hipster image, and how boring it seems. I decided right then and there that enthusiastic is the new cool.

So, how can you show your enthusiasm? Here are some ways I've been thinking about!
  • Tell everyone about your hobbies! Be great at them! And if people scoff in your direction, they're not people you want to hang out with anyway!
  • Wear whatever you want. Don't worry about whether or not it's “trendy” or “in fashion”. If you feel fantastic in it, and you love it, and it's flattering and fits you, then do it! My current sartorial direction is “dress like a cupcake” and I've never felt better!
  • Love really hard and throw yourself into it. Tell the people that you love that you love them. Put yourself out there. Be brave.
  • Find things that inspire you, be they poetry, fiction, music, art, photography, whatever. Immerse yourself in things you are passionate about.
  • Love yourself. This is not to be confused with vanity, of course! But if you love yourself, and are confident in yourself, you can be secure with showing your enthusiasm.
  • Most importantly, don't judge people based on their enthusiasm! If you meet someone who's passionate about long-distance cycling and helicopters, that doesn't mean you can't learn from them! Perhaps they always wanted to learn the amazing cupcake recipe you've perfected!

How about you, lovely? What are you enthusiastic about? Why don't you tell me in the comments, and we can have a big, enthusiastic love-fest! And you never know, maybe you'll connect with another reader who shares your passion!


  1. Absolutely agreed - I think the aloof-pendulum has been swinging back this way since the '90s, and it's time for a little outright enthusiasm.

    Glad to see your return to bippilization.

  2. I fully support all 5 points, enthusiastically!

    I think my problem might be being a little too enthusiastic (borderline obsessive?) about everything I do.

  3. J & Allison: But what I want to know is, WHAT is it that you're enthusiastic about? I want to hear what you love!

  4. I love conversations with little old French ladies/an afternoon spent writing for fun and not working for money/babies unknowingly dropping f-bombs/suddenly encountering a song I love on a radio station I was just considering switching away from.

    - and I love, LOVE, Detektivbyran.

  5. @J: What's not to love about that video?! I'm totally putting it in my post on Friday!

  6. I just wrote a thing the other day about how enthusiasm can never be cool... then I found this. I still think it is a sort of contradictory re-brand though.

    I have been rocking the pink-hair and half-head-of-hair and Cupcake-lifestyle thing for a while. Have fun!