Monday, October 25, 2010

Preview: Ottawa Fashion Week

Anna Wintour face.
Well, let's call it what it really is: Ottawa Fashion Weekend. I am doing my best to reserve judgement, but I'm going into this whole thing with my skeptic glasses on. It takes a lot to wow me (what can I say, I'm very particular), and from what I can tell so far I just might be wearing my Anna Wintour face.

Here are my initial thoughts on the designers who are showing this weekend...

Emilia Torabi: Clothes seem matronly at best. Web site is strange to navigate, no information on where to purchase or ability to purchase online.
Keera Sama: There's definitely something interesting going on here. I'm curious as to what she's sending down the runway for S/S 2011.
Trive by Modasuite: Very cute indie rock boy wear. Nothing exciting or groundbreaking, but it should be a nice little bit of eyecandy at least.
Nixxi: Simple, wearable knitwear with a bit of excitement. Think American Apparel with some edge.
Karen McClintock: A jewellry designer, I'm particularly fond of her Hepburn Collection. Again, curious to see what S/S 2011 will hold for her.
Micalla: More jewellry - GORGEOUSGORGEOUSGORGEOUS. I am dying over her stuff, especially the orchid cuff. DROOL.
Elroy Apparel: Sustainable clothing, which usually makes me yawn. From the look of previous collections, it could go either way, I could be really interested or really, really bored.
GoldenFish Swimwear: Clothing and swimwear, from the looks of their website. I'm actually excited about this show.

LABEL: I was so bored looking at their website I can't even tell you. Also: don't try to emulate American Apparel's photography style. It's tacky.
Courtney Flood/Julianne Robichaud: There's no website for this pair, which is too bad. Their stuff from last season looks pretty cute, it could turn out to be very wearable business wear with a modern edge.
Andrew Majtenyi: Very cool dresses in interesting prints, from what I can tell from his website. Could be a good one to watch.
Jana Hanzel: More than nodding, Hanzel's pieces point wildly towards Mad Men-era glamour. Which, to be honest, I'm kind of sick of seeing everywhere. Something new please!
Judy Design: Whoa. If you insist on having music play on your website, please don't have the f-bomb in the first line of lyrics! I mean, I'm no prude, but come on, this is your public image here. I couldn't look at the clothes without thinking "trashy/clubby", and I think the music had a lot to do with that.
Rachel Sin: Underwhelming, and the Nelly Dress reminds me of something from JWOWW's (now canned) Filthy Couture collection. (Note: this is not a favourable comparison. See above for Anna Wintour face.)

Sugarbum Designs: I own a Sugarbum piece, and I love it a lot. Ashley Parsons has a very artistic eye for clothing and is probably the closest to anything remotely couture we'll see at OFW. I wish she constructed her things better though, it seems she doesn't really know how to fit clothes on bodies.
Yola Couture: Humdrum snooze yawn. ANGRY yawns.
Soltys & Snajdr: Another sustainable line, but being positioned as a luxury brand. From what OFW posted on their site, I'm not seeing it.
Adrian Wu: I'm pretty stoked about this. I could see ingenues on a red carpet in this stuff.
Birds of North America: I am SUPER EXCITED about this show. SO PRETTY.
Kania Couture: While her pieces are cute and wearable, I don't see any difference between this and stuff you'd see at maybe Sirens. "Couture" it isn't. (Wow. I'm not trying to be mean! I just have very strong opinions about fashion!)
Jessica Biffi: A Project Runway Canada alum, I'm curious to see what she's bringing to the dance.

Friday, October 29th:
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Sunday, October 31st:
Ottawa Fashion Week runs from October 29th to 31st. You can buy tickets here.


  1. WHY did Kania "Couture" call several of their items Snuggie?!? *@##&%!!! Seriously. I'm just not taking it seriously. If you're going to STEAL a registered trademark, why not take DKNY's Cozy so that you're at least in the fashion ballpark and not at the Wal-Mart??

  2. Katie, there aren't even words. I don't... I can't... I don't even know.

  3. This is a brilliant post. I love and respect your honest very much. It was such a pleasure meting you tonight at foundation! Keep on keeping on girl! Love your posts!

  4. @Ashley Thanks! Honest opinions are often seen as mean, but without criticism growth doesn't happen, regardless of artistic endeavours. You don't get prizes for just trying.