Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashion of the Fringe: Brad MacNeil

OK, so remember how yesterday I talked about Brad MacNeil being my Fringe crush? Just look at him, people. He dressed like this every night. Not only was he charming and hilarious as the cohost of Chats With Cat in the beer tent, he looked incredibly dapper doing so. His outfits were usually variations of the above theme—dress shirt, blazer, jeans, good shoes. He's effortless and comfortable, with the right degree of style.

More than once I caught myself peeking at his ring finger. (Which, I'm sad to report, has a band on it.) But look how handsome!

I'm going to be putting in some serious work on the blog over the next few days—the movers have come and got my stuff, and I don't get it back until next Wednesday. The only thing I have to entertain myself is the internet. So I might as well blog!

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