Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sold out sellouts

As I previously mentioned, yesterday was my best friend's birthday. I took him to see Wilco.

The opening act was Bahamas, and I have to say the lead singer was a bit of a dick. OK, so, Wilco asks you to open some shows on their tour, don't bitch about having only one guitar (oh, and by the way, I saw you pick up your second guitar and carry it off stage), and complain about having to borrow your mother's Subaru to drive to Halifax for your next show.

He just seemed so damn bitter and ungrateful. Dude. You got to open for Wilco to a sold-out theatre. Suck it up.

He did berate some front-row talkers and texters though, which was pretty funny. However he made me so uncomfortable with his breakup songs and his heart on his sleeve that the one moment of humour wasn't fun enough. It was a disappointment that Califone (who opened most of the tour) weren't the opening act.

As for Wilco themselves? Well, the nicest thing I can say is that Michael had a good time.

My friend Sean's assessment? "Proficient but tasteless. The Cats of rock and roll."

Well played, my friend, well played.

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