Monday, March 1, 2010


It's St. David's Day today, and on this day in 1970, Michael David Sheridan was birthed.

I was lucky enough to be his girlfriend/fiancée/whatever for four years.

I'm luckier still that I've been his best friend for two.

He's awesome and hilarious and makes me laugh like not many other people can. He's insightful and serious and sometimes dour. He's single (ladies) and sweet and can cook up some pasta that will make you swoon. He knows a lot about wine and a bit about scotch and another little bit about a lot of other things.

Here are some pictures of Michael that I love:

For Halloween in 2005 we went as hipster douchebags to a house party. A lot of people asked us why we weren't in costume. Patrick wanted to punch Michael in the face. It was a good night.

(Note: While Michael and I are both reasonably photogenic, there is not one single picture of the two of us together in which we look good. This photo is no exception. Probably a good thing we never got married, hey?)

I am not exaggerating in the least when I tell you that this is my favourite photo of Michael ever in the entire universe. Seriously: look at that face. And he's drinking wine? And he's clearly drunk? And he's wearing a lei? Yes please.

Michael plays in two bands - our band, The Inbetweenies, and this other band with a bunch of stupid boys who are stupid. I hate this band. (I don't really, I'm kidding, they are super-cute and fun and I went and saw them and danced my butt off. Well, not my butt, but I did kind of dance out of my bra...)

ANYWAY, the band is called The Start and they do British 80s music mostly and it's really fun and I love them and I love to see Michael rock the eff out.

None. None more metal.

Michael is magic. You should know this.


  1. Oh god, Justin is going to expect something like this from me, now.


    Aren't boy bff's the best? :)