Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Simple sipping.

In an effort to simplify my life I've been purging a lot of things out of my apartment lately - I am lucky to work in a place that has an online bulletin board where you can sell things, and I'm making a tidy profit off of my unwanted items. A profit that can be spent on booze.

Having said that, I used to be the kind of girl who liked complicated cocktails. But not anymore. No longer is it necessary to have my cocktail match my dress.

Thank God. I only own so much pink.

I have recently learned the joy and simplicity in maximum two-ingredient cocktails.

Bourbon: I don't know everything about bourbon. I don't know anything about bourbon, actually. I do know that Knob Creek Bourbon is lovely just neat, on the rocks, or, in the summertime, mixed with lemonade. And that's it.

Vodka: With soda. And sometimes ice. And a slice of lime if I happen to have some in the fridge (a rare occurrence, but you never know). I'm not picky about my vodkas, but some people are. I guess if I were drinking it straight I would worry about it, but if I'm drinking vodka straight my biggest worry is smelling like Boris Yeltsin.

Champagne: Don't get me started. I love champagne. I could drink it all day. (But then I'd be drunk all the time, and no good could come of that...) My best friend and I like to drink it on Friday nights to celebrate the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend. (We call this drunk-up... To the point that I have pajamas and a toothbrush that live at her house in case of impromptu drunk-ups - or is it drunks-up?) We usually put in an ounce of some sort of spirit - peach schnapps are a favourite, but we also recently discovered that ice wine is great in it as well. Champagne also makes a great aperitif - I will often have a glass with my first course at a nice restaurant. Prosecco can also be substituted.

The key to drinking stylishly is that you shouldn't have to:
  1. Tell the bartender what goes in your drink; or
  2. Blush when you ask for it (Orgasm, Sex on the Beach, etc.)
Simplify, friends. And remember an anything-tini isn't a martini.


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