Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Evening elegance.

(Image found on A Dress A Day)

As the days turn cooler, I find myself thinking about the upcoming holiday season - Christmas and New Year's parties, time spent with family and friends, the people I love the best. And I feel like this year I want to wear something simple and elegant to these events, instead of my hastily-thrown together outfits or the same old, same old grecian-style evening dress I've worn every holiday season (and to every event, it seems) for the last six years.

I do have a lovely little black silk number that has served me well for a couple of holiday parties over the years (sleeveless, princess seaming, with floral beading near the knee-length hemline), but I don't know if my chubby little tummy* is going to fit into it this year, despite the foundation garments I have to support it.

That's why I'm looking to vintage patterns for inspiration this year. I love, love, love the dress on the left, and I think it would be absolutely stunning in a navy or royal blue silk taffeta for the holiday season.

The thing with evening clothes is that the best ones are simply designed and made from beautiful fabrics - a simple design will let gorgeous, luxurious fabric speak for itself (not to mention showcasing expanses of lovely skin and setting off shining hair), and it will stay stylish for years longer than something with excessive detailing. (This also helps prevent the dreaded, "Oh, she's wearing that old thing again.") Also, simplicity is most often more comfortable. If you're pulling and tugging at your dress all night, you can't very well be your wonderful, charming, witty self!

While black is both slimming and elegant, it seems like everyone wears it (at least in my circles). I like to stand out a little, which is why a little colour goes a long way for me. (Please note I am not condemning black in any way, but if you do choose an all-black ensemble you should give extra thought to your accessories.)

I would pair this dress with simple drop earrings and a tennis bracelet . Also a minaudiere and lovely shoes .

*Please don't take this as a criticism of my chubby little tummy, it's lovely and plump and the skin is so soft...


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