Thursday, February 7, 2008

This Is Not a Paid Advertisement

I’ll make a confession – I love high heels. And if you don’t, you should. Here’s why: when you wear high heels you walk differently. If you know how to manoeuvre them, you can flirt, tease, and drive potential partners wild without ever opening your mouth. They elongate the leg, make you look taller and slimmer, boost your calves, and make your butt stick out just enough.

Having said all that, I am a high heel addict. I am smart about it (two days on, then one day in flats), but I love shoes and my shoe collection is threatening to take over Michael’s closet as well. Last night, after tripping over a pair in the hallway, he hollered, “Your shoes will be the death of me!” But he never complains when I’m wearing them.

I have recently discovered a fabulous brand of shoes and I simply must tell you all about them. The brand is Kenzie, and I recently bought a second pair. (Up until that point, the only shoes I owned more than one pair of were Chucks.)

I fell in love with the Kenzie Marathon shoes last spring – they were so unique and cool, but unfortunately, due to governmental incompetence, I hadn’t been paid properly in about six months, and therefore could not afford them… I went back to visit them several times, and the last time I went to visit them, they weren’t on the shelf! I was devastated, and decided to check out the clearance racks. There, sitting on the rack, marked down and down and down again, were my Marathons. They were the last pair and were my size – I mean, how’s a girl supposed to resist?

A couple of months later (which is to say mid-January), I was trolling the racks at Winners looking for a decent pair of black pants for work. I found the pants, but I also stumbled upon the Kenzie Aston shoe. Needless to say, I snapped that pair right up (even though the right one seemed a little tight, which I just chalked up to my right foot being slightly bigger than my left), and took them home with me.

That evening, while lounging in front of What Not To Wear, I decided to take the stickers off my shoes. I took the sticker off the left one, and as I began to peel the sticker off the right, I noticed something strange. The size. The shoe was a full size and a half smaller than the left. “AHA!” I thought, “So that’s why it didn’t fit!”

Suffice to say, I called Winners right away, and spoke to a surprisingly helpful person, who located the correct size and set it aside for me. I picked it up the next morning and never looked back.

The moral of this story is, Kenzie shoes are super-cute, crazy-comfortable and well worth their price. However, if you want them, you might have to work for them. Because anything worth having comes at a cost.

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